Reflections and explorations on deep earth science and deep earth engineering technology
Review and development of surrounding rock control technology for gob-side entry retaining in China
Prediction of mining-induced surface movement duration based on an improved Knothe time model
Failure characteristics and reasonable width of water-resisting pillar under the coupling effect of mining and seepage
Mine earthquake mechanism of extremely thick strata based on focalmemchanism analysis
Energy-accumulation blasting and water injecting under local water storage and pressure retention in heading face
Mechanical properties and fracture damage law of coal-rock composition under the action of supercritical CO2
Experimental study on shear mechanical properties and damage evolution ofartificial structural plane under constant normal stiffness
Energy principle of simulation experiments on coal and gas outburst
Self-healing characteristics of fracture in sealing materials based on self-healing effect
Intelligent fault diagnosis of mine ventilation system for imbalanced data sets
A molecular dynamics study on coalbed methane diffusion and water-blocking effects
Classification of coal-bearing strata abnormal structure based on POA–ELM
Enhancement of bioconversion of coal to methane by graphene
Hydrodynamic field driving effect and mathematical model construction of water quality formation and evolution in coal mine
Research progress on the impact of mineral surface roughness on particle-bubble interaction
Influence of lumping properties of coking coal by pyrolysis shrinkage
Experimental study on preheating combustion characteristics and NOx emission of pulverized coal based on an entrained-flow gasifier
DFT study on NO reduction with CO catalyzed by CaO in carbonation stage of calcium looping process
Energy consumption analysis and new process of CO2 compression liquefaction based on exergy analysis
Humic acid production from the degradation of Yima coal by Cunninghamella elegans combined with Bacillus sp.
Highly-efficient phenol degradation by a novel perylene diimide supermolecule-based photo-self-fenton system and mechanism investigation
DT-driven memory cutting control method using VR instruction of boom-type roadheader
Multi-radial cyclone suction dust removal technology at coal mine belt transfer points