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Journal of Coal Science & Engineering (China)

(ISSN print edition: 1006-9097; ISSN electronic edition: 1866-6566)

 Description, aim and scope

Journal of Coal Science & Engineering (China) (JCSE), started in 1995, is a comprehensive academic periodical which is published quarterly in English by Journal of China Coal Society and Springer-Verlag GmbH. This periodical aims to report and disseminate the original research results and findings on all issues in the coal mining industry and promotes the exchange of ideas among academic community in China and abroad, and also the advancement of coal science and technology in the coal mining industry. The scope of the JCSE covers coalfield geology and exploration, coal resources/serves estimation, mining project evaluation, mine planning and design, mine optimization, mine construction and development, mine geology and survey, mine operation, mine electrical and equipment, mine automation, mine health and safety, ventilation and control, methane drainage and capture, coal processing and utilization, low carbon technology, coal economics, mine management, coal mine environmental impact assessment and control, mine rehabilitation, mine closure, etc. The JCSE publishes 4 issues per annum, and each issue has 112 pages. Each paper published in the JCSE is assigned a DOI and available in online version. All the papers published in the JCSE can be found at


China is a No. 1 coal producing country in the world. Coal is a primary energy source in China to support its huge economy. Chinese government pays much an attention to the healthy and sustainable development of its coal industry, and invests a huge amount of money on research in the coal mining industry. In addition, various mining companies provide a large sum of money on research and application of advanced mining technologies. The results of these investments are the increases of the volume of research findings and the level of research quality. A substantial number of coal mining research findings and patents are awarded each year at national or provincial levels by various awarding bodies.

There is a huge mass of researchers and technical practitioners in the coal mining industry in China. For instance, there are more than 100 universities with teaching programs in mining engineering and mining related research centers; one national coal research institution (China Coal Research Institute) with 10 research branches around the country in China; about 100 coal mine design and research institution across the country in China. In addition, there are also various research organizations incorporated into various provincial coal administrations and mining companies. Each year a great deal of research findings and patents are generated by these researchers and practitioners in the coal mining industry in China.

With strictly peer-review and well regarded readers base in the mining industry, the JCSE is a primary forum for these Chinese mining researchers and professionals. It attracts original contributions and publishes the latest research findings related to the coal mining industry. Originated 15 years ago, the JCSE has become the primary media for Chinese scholars publishing their original contributions. In recent years, the JCSE also attracts original contributions from overseas researchers and practitioners in the mining industry. The papers published in the JCSE are well received and widely cited. It plays an important role in reporting Chinese academic achievements and in international academic exchanges. The JCSE are being indexed by GeoRef, Google Scholar, OCLC, SCOPUS, and summon by serial solutions. Since 2009, the JCSE editorial office has collaborated with Springer-Verlag GmbH to bring the online and print journal to the vast international audience. The JCSE editorial board consists of 65 well known experts in different research fields of the coal mining industry including 4 distinguished overseas members, 12 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science.

 Distinguishing features

The JCSE is a unique academic journal in both China and the world. It is the only one academic journal totally dedicated to the coal mining industry in the world. With so few mining journals and so few mining papers published in the world, the JCSE stands out as an excellent performer with nearly 100 papers published per annum. Comparing with other mining related journals in the world, the JCSE is No. 1 mining journal in the world in terms of the number of paper published each year. With the direction of editorial board and the strict review of top experts in the coal mining industry, the quality of every publication is guaranteed to be world top level. 

There is a vast coal resources base varying from different coal type, different geological settings and different mining requirements in China. No country matches this diversity. This requires diverse mining technologies to be implemented and presents a huge challenge to Chinese mining researchers and professionals. Chinese mining professionals have to take the challenge and find the solutions through their research and practices. Therefore the publications of their work in the JCSE represent their achievements and enrich the human knowledge in coal mining engineering. It will not be complete for any knowledge base without the inclusion of Chinese part.


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